JZ Smart Coil Conversion Kit

Thorn Industries


This smart coil conversion utilizes original D585 coils that have been thoroughly tested,cleaned and shielded.The system eliminates the ignitor and replaces the stock coilpacks completely. Installation is drop in on the 2J VVTI/Non VVTI in the stock location and clears factory cover. Some 1JZ’s have different head castings and you will need to drill and tap a few shallow 6mmx1.0 holes for mounting points. If you have any concerns, please email us an overhead picture.

Please NOTE: 

  • This conversion setup MUST be used with a custom JZ ignition Harness. It WILL NOT WORK with the stock OEM Factory engine & coil pack harness without modification. We have several options that fit most setups. 
  • If the kit is being installed on a JDM Supra or Aristo, a tachometer adapter such as the Dakota Digital SGI-8 will be required to restore tachometer functionality, as the tach on these cars is driven from a high level output from the (now deleted) ignitor.
  • These coils will work with the stock 2JZGTE Non-VVTi ECU, but need an additional IGF box to synthesize the required IGF signal back to the ECU.   Please contact us for details. 
  • Use with an aftermarket ECU is recommended and is 100% plug-n-play.


This Kit Includes:

  • Used, Cleaned, Tested and Shielded D585 GM Heat Sink Smart Coils
  • Carbon Fiber upper brackets
  • G10 lower heat shield Brackets
  • Hand machined/knurled spacers and Beauty washers-Custom colors are available.
  • Stainless hardware
  • Aramid insulator washers
  • NGK Blue Plug boots
  • Custom ignition contact springs


Coils provided are the AC Delco D585, as found on flex fuel GM trucks. These are the most powerful of the LS coils. If you have questions in regards to dwell settings or appropriate plugs please feel free to reach out to us. 

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